A group of young offenders are sentenced to work in a community service programme, form a close friendship in one of the most unlikely situations. Although they are all from different social backgrounds they form a close circle as they discover they have a lot in common. Danny falls for a straight girl Lola who thinks she's a boy, what started out as a misunderstanding turns into something serious, and Danny finds herself in very deep. Ravi has a new guy he is dating but is determined to keep it a secret. Alex has a crush on Danny but doesn't want to admit it, but cannot help but get jealous when she gets attention. With all the secrets and lies they are hiding from each other, they are all forced to face up to their own responsibilities and evaluate the choices they have made.


Actor: Rosa Caines , Laura Carr , Gustavo Castro , Naomi Chester , Joseph Dewey , Lisha Jordan , Rashid Matabaro , Jahphyah Payne , Rochelle Payne

Director: Veronica FearonRochelle PayneAnt JacksonViktoria Petrova



Duration: 40

Release: 2021

IMDb: 0/10

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